Playmate Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young took dance lessons, skied, built snowmen and hiked with her dogs when she was growing up. The nude playmate always dreamed of becoming a centerfold in the legendary nude playmates magazin, and to make that happen she had to come down off her mountaintop. “One day I went online and found out about Casting Call at the Playboy Mansion in 2006,” she says.

“I freaked because I think it’s every girl’s dream to go to the Mansion and see what going on there. So I did!” Smart move, the beauty landed a callback, shot a couple of times for, and voila, her career took off. “It happened so fast that I’m stunned,” admits the quickly rising bikini model.

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Playboy Kelley Thompson

Kelley Thompson is a 21-year-old small-town beauty from the south. She was working as a bartender at the time. She had done some modelling in Dallas, but she never thought she would make it on the cover of the legendary playboy magazin.. A few days the phone call came, and she went straight to the airport, bound for the city of angels, where paradise awaited.

She had never been on an airplane before. “To get off my first plane ride and go directly to the Playboy Mansion was just insane,” she says. Kelley has wanted to be a playmate centerfold ever since she became a fan of The Girls Next Door. “I immediately fell in love with Hefner and the girls on that show, and I was, like, Wow, it would be really awesome to take part.

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Lindsey Gayle Evans Pics

Playmate of the year Lindsey Gayle Evans is a Northwestern State University journalism major from Maryland and had involved herself in a restaurant, only to substantiate she had left behind her handbag containing her ID and some pot. The nude playmates wound up in the back of a cop car, “bellowing my eyes out,” Lindsey remembers. She knew this one would make the news.

“I said to myself, i need to adjust my attitude and kiss the crown goodby. Turn the frown upside down and give your best smile for that mug shot.” The tabloid press went bananas over her deliciously blonde saga nor the beaming mug shot that accompanied it.

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Playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson

Radically accomplished playboys playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson, is a spunky, courageous, redheaded adventuress and skyrockets into the New Year just as she always has. “No new years resolutions,” says Jaime , “and no fear of new things. When I see something I desire, I go for it at full speed, and nothing can get in my way. I don’t half-ass anything.”

Nude playmateFaith is a former cop. And a former cheerleader. And a reality-TV star. Who else on earth can claim that? Last seen in spring stamping down the world with fellow former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Cara Rosenthal on The Amazing Race, Jaime fought her way through more than 30,000 miles of travel and brutal tasks, making hers only the second all-girl squad to score a second place on the show.

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Nude Playmate Kyra Milan

Kyra Milan paints herself as “impulsive, artistic and broad-minded” and likes to show her creativeness through painting, drawing, pottery and ceramics. Kyra is not quite ready to settle down, but when she does she’s seeking a man with “a kind smile, earnest eyes and a nice body. He also has to make me laugh and let loose and have a good time.” Watch this beauty get naked and show off her curvy body.

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Playboy Amy Leigh Andrews

What kind of guys do you prefer? Artists have always been my weakness. I look for personal magnetism and self-confidence in a man. Nice teeth and a well trained body are always a plus. What are the clubs like at your college? It’s a lot of fun because we are right in the urban center of New York.

The nude playmates love to go to concerts — heading to the clubs and sitting down listening to a great band is fun. What is your special talent? I have a photographic memory. I can glance at something on a page of a script and memorize exactly what I just read by seeing the image in my mind.

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